Wilmar Sugar Australia Limited

Also known as
  • Pioneer Mill
  • Invicta Mill
  • Macknade Mill
  • Victoria Mill
  • Inkerman Mill
  • Kalamia Mill
  • Plane Creek Mill
  • Proserpine Mill

Herbert Region - Macknade (Ingham)

About Us

Wilmar owns and operates eight sugar mills in North and Central Queensland. Together they manufacture more than half of Australia’s raw sugar, crushing about 15 million tonnes of cane annually to produce more than two million tonnes of raw sugar.

Our mills operate each year during the crushing season, which typically runs from June to November. During this period mature sugarcane is harvested and transported to our mills, where we crush it to extract sugar juice. This juice is then processed to create raw sugar.

There’s more to Wilmar than the sugar we produce however, and we’re incredibly proud of the contribution we make to the people and land that supply our business.

In addition to producing sugar crystals, the milling process generates two valuable by-products:

  • bagasse (ba – gas) – the fibrous material left after the cane has been crushed; and
  • molasses – the syrup leftover after sugar crystals have been formed.

We recycle these by-products to create cogeneration and renewable energy products, namely ethanol which is an environmentally friendly fuel source.

While about 80% of our raw sugar is exported, we also operate two sugar refineries domestically through our joint venture Sugar Australia. Sugar Australia markets the familiar CSR brand and is the largest domestic customer of Australian raw sugar and exporter of Australian refined sugar.