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William Adams has over 85 years of association with Caterpillar. It’s an alliance that dates back to 1926 – just a year after the first Caterpillar branded two-ton tractor, the Caterpillar Sixty rolled off the assembly line.

Eight decades of partnership has cemented robust links between the two companies. Today, we lead the way with great products, unrivalled product support and, of course the best asset in business, our people.

The William Adams story dates back to 1883 when William John Adams began a trading business marketing famous brands of railway equipment in the booming Melbourne economy. It soon became a merchant company of note, featuring a remarkable line-up of products.

Agency lines and store fronts multiplied, selling everything from light globes to whale oil. The company prospered and built a reputation that remains with us today. Linking the best in engineering skill, marketing and technical expertise to the most durable brands available, William Adams forged a template for success that now spans over 125 years.

Today the company is synonymous with one brand -Caterpillar. Gone are the varied product lines, what remains is a commitment to customer service, respect and integrity. 

With over 85 years as a Caterpillar Dealer, William Adams has proudly made its mark. We've helped build the roads and highways, city skyscrapers and industrial heartlands. We have powered agriculture in the bush, built dams for water and power generation for regional and metropolitan projects alike.

Together with Caterpillar, we've been there for customers -selling and servicing the best equipment in the world - on land, at sea, in construction, mining, agriculture and industry. Through economic booms and recessions alike, we've delivered service our customers know they can rely on.