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Westminster Lawyers act for a wide variety of people intending to marry or commence cohabitation with another person.

Australian Law currently permits couples who intend to marry or intend to live with another person to enter into binding agreements which will regulate the distribution of their assets if they separate.

If those agreements are drafted correctly, they will prevent the court having the power to divide the assets of the marriage or the relationship in terms other than those that are set out in the agreement.

We assist clients in such circumstances by preparing agreements which are designed to protect their interests and assets.

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Family Law

There have been a number of significant changes to Family Law over the last few years. Those changes include:

  • Most Australian states have referred their powers to make laws regarding heterosexual couples and same sex couples who live together to the Federal Government. New Federal Law governing couples who live together came into effect In March 2009.

  • The law now permits de facto couples to enter into binding prenuptial agreements and binding cohabitation agreements.
  • Judges must now consider when determining what care arrangements to make for the children of separated and de facto couples.


About Us

We have professional relationships with law firms with expertise in Family Law across Australia and in many other countries. We have worked with other family law firms across Australia and in other countries in a broad variety of matters to the benefit of mutual clients.

We are able to assist clients who are interstate and overseas using the expertise and resources of the law firms that we work in with other jurisdictions.


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