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About Us
Our History

In the early 1980s, the deregulation of domestic capital markets and changes in the Australian Loan Council rules on semi-government borrowings highlighted a growing need to coordinate and consolidate the borrowing programs of semi-government authorities under one central body.

Western Australia was the first state to introduce legislation to establish a central approach to semi-government borrowing under the Borrowings for Authorities Act, 1981. Under this approach, funds raised by the Treasurer of Western Australia were lent on a back-to-back basis to the various statutory authorities requiring funds.

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Client Services

WATC is the primary provider of corporate treasury services to the Western Australian public sector and provides a comprehensive range of financial products and services including debt funding, investments, foreign exchange, financial risk management and advisory services to assist WATC's clients in achieving their financial objectives.

WATC is committed to strengthening client relationships to ensure that its product and service offerings are aligned to client needs both now and in the future.

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Economic Services

Written commentary and analysis is provided for all major Australian economic releases. In addition, economic and financial market updates are provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The two flagship publications are:

Daily Report

This one-page summary of all overnight economic financial market developments is posted to the website at 9:00 am WST each day.

Weekly Market Watch

This is a comprehensive summary of everything that has happened in the week, covering key global developments, central bank developments, economic data releases in Australia, the US and China, and a diary of releases due out in Australia and the US in the forthcoming week. It is posted to the website each Friday afternoon.


This section details WATC's borrowing activities in wholesale financial markets and its retail product offerings. It contains relevant information on its wholesale funding facilities for institutional investors and financial intermediaries as well as important details on its retail borrowing products for individual investors.

Investors in WATC's debt securities enjoy the benefit of the guarantee of all its financial obligations, provided under its enabling legislation by the Treasurer on behalf of the State of Western Australia.

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