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Are headworks and infrastructure contributions the same?
Yes, infrastructure contributions were previously referred to as headworks contributions. These are one-off charges, payable for works up to the connection point on a property that will increase the potential demand on existing water, wastewater or drainage schemes.
What is a standard Water Corporation connection?
A standard Water Corporation connection is a 20mm metered service.
Where can I view current bids and tenders?
You can view and apply for public bids/tenders using the bids/tenders transaction in our supplier portal. You can only view restricted bids in this transaction if you have been invited.
What is the supplier portal?
The supplier portal (or eProcurement) provides an easy platform for suppliers to transact with us in real time. Suppliers can lodge bids, enter claims for payment and OSH statistics, and much more.
How can I access the portal?
Access to the supplier portal is available via our website.
What is supplier registration?
Supplier registration lets us gather information to assess your suitability for our supplier base.
Does registering guarantee Water Corporation business?
No. Registration is not a guarantee of work, and is purely an expression of interest to conduct business with us. Successful registration ensures our suppliers are committed to our health, safety and environment requirements.
What happens when prequalification expires?
If your prequalification lapses, this could restrict your company’s ability to be engaged for future works. If you are currently engaged in works with us, this won’t impact your engagement but it’s advisable to maintain active prequalification status.