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Why Underfloor Heating?

The benefits of underfloor heating

Explore the world of underfloor heating. A truly warm home starts from the ground up. We don't always consider the floor when we're looking at home heating, but underfloor heating provides the foundation for a warm, healthy home.

Cleaner, eco-friendly energy

The shift to clean energy is driving more people to seek out homes that are highly insulated and require less energy. Not only does electric underfloor heating make ecological sense, it makes economical sense too.

Why Us
  • Affordable warmth and luxury. A Warmtech system will bring greater comfort at a fraction of the running cost of other forms of heating, it's incredible value that adds value!

  • We have the widest range available. Whatever your floor surface, Warmtech has a heater for you.

  • We take service seriously. Warmtech will provide first-class service, before, during and after installation.

  • Thin, tough wire that lasts. Our wire is the easiest to install, the toughest and thinnest in the industry.

  • Best thermostat available. Warmtech's exclusive range of thermostats have been selected and developed for their functionality and good looks.

Floor Heating Products

Inscreed Heating

This is an efficient form of underfloor heating which enables you to use almost any type of floor covering available eg granite, marble, slate or terracotta.

Undercarpet Heating

Warmtech's undercarpet heating system uses heating mats that are positioned between the carpet and underlay. The result ... a constant, reliable and completely controllable source of heat.

In-Slab Heating

Unlike other floor heating systems that are designed for rapid response heating, inslab heating provides gentle background warmth by heating up the whole concrete slab.


Control of your heating is essential for ensuring individual comfort and cost-effectiveness.


For homeowners or trade professionals, Warmtech now offers undertile and undercarpet heating in easy-to-install kits.

Warmtech heating kits are supplied with simple, clear installation instructions. Nationwide backup is available should you require support during your project. Call 1300 138 126.

Various thermostat and control options are available at the time of installation, with the option to upgrade later if needed.

Warmtech's undertile and undercarpet Heaters are designed for quick, uncomplicated installation.

Simple fitting processes are explained, step-by-step in the manuals.

Brochures and Technical Downloads

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Inscreed Heating Inscreed Heating Brochure

Technical Specifications for Inscreed Heating

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