Business Summary
Warida Wholistic Wellness is a sanctuary for wellbeing, supporting community change one person at a time. We welcome a diversity of clients and their experiences of wellbeing with our focus on empowering people to explore, embrace and reconnect with their unique inner fire. As a Badimaya Supply Nation Certified Indigenous business, we do this by bringing an earthy Indigenous connectedness and narrative to everything we do. We utilise trauma-informed counselling; Transformational & Confidence Coaching; Equine Assisted Psychotherapy; Horse Archery; Wellness Retreats / Yarning Circles as tools for empowerment and strength building. We also facilitate and promote wellbeing activities by other Indigenous businesses or local artists. Although based in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, we also provide an outreach service and some of our services are available through Skype / online access. Warida Wholistic Wellness is also the largest distributor of Ali Bow Archery Equipment in Australia.
About Us

Either through our relational partnership with horses, or without involving horses, Warida Wholistic Wellness encourages each of us to remove our “masks”, while exploring and embracing our own unique inner fire.

What We Do

The ethos of Warida Wholistic Wellness approaches wellness from this viewpoint; including:

  • Our connection with each other
  • Awareness and exploration of our inner world
  • Experiential and therapeutic relationship with horses
  • Our primal groundedness with the earth and the sky through warida* from an Indigenous spiritual perspective
At A Glance
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Transformational Coaching
Confidence Building
Horse Archery
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