Ward Dr Harvey

Centre for Womens Reproductive Care
Specialist Medical Centre, Ste 209/ 343 Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
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We provide compassionate, collaborative and comprehensive reproductive care to women and their families. Since 2006, our professional and friendly team in Coffs Harbour have been dedicated to serving women of all ages, using the latest research and best available evidence-based treatments. Led by Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Harvey Ward, we provide a range of specialist reproductive care services including:

  • Obstetrics 
  • Gynaecology
  • Fertility Care 
  • Specialist Surgery 
  • Specialist Advice



  • Pre-Pregnancy Assessment and Counselling
  • Early Pregnancy Assessment Including Viability Ultrasound
  • Management and Investigation of Pregnancy Loss
  • Insertion of Cervical Cerclage Where Indicated
  • On Site Ultrasound Imaging Etc.


  • Menstrual Irregularities, Pre-Menstrual Dysphoria
  • Family Planning, Contraception
  • Mirena, Implanon, Depo Provera
  • Infections and Skin Disorders of the Genital Tract
  • Routine and Abnormal Cervical Pap Smears, HPV Vaccination Etc.

Fertility Care

  • Laboratory Tests, Semen Analysis and on Site Ultrasound to Assess Pelvic Organs and Ovulatory Function
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Laparoscopy to Check Tubal Patency
  • Laparoscopic Treatment of Endometriosis or Tuboplasty Etc.

Urodynamics / Incontinence

  • Flow Rate
  • Urine Analysis