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Waratah-Wynyard, the heart of Tasmania's beautiful north west, includes the coastal towns and villages of Wynyard, Somerset, Boat Harbour and Sisters Beach, the rural town of Yolla and the former mining towns of Waratah and Corinna. It is renowned for the spectacular display of tulips at Table Cape that showcases a local festival, "Bloomin' Tulips" held each October.

Take a little time to explore its beaches and enjoy the fresh sea air and safe swimming and boating opportunities.

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How do I find an accredited builder, surveyor or architect?
The names, contact details and the scope of work for all accredited building practitioners are available on the Building Standards and Regulations website.
How long does it take to get a Building Permit?
A Certificate of Likely Compliance from a building surveyor must accompany an application for a Building Permit from council. The surveyor must process a request for a certificate within 21 days or a period agreed between the applicant and the council.
What is a total fire ban?
A total fire ban is a ban on any fire in the open air, other than a built-in gas barbeque, as well as a ban on using any equipment in the open air that emits naked flames or sparks. A total fire ban is declared when bushfires are likely to be difficult or impossible to control, usually in summer between the months of November and March.