Also known as
  • WA Plantation Resources Pty Ltd
  • WA Chip & Pulp Co Pty Ltd


53 Victoria Street, Bunbury WA 6230

PO Box 2453 Bunbury WA 6231
Business Summary
Incorporating WA Chip & Pulp Co Pty Ltd and WACAP Tree Farms Pty Ltd
About Us

Welcome to Wapres

WA Plantation Resources (Wapres) has a large and secure share of the wood fibre industry in Western Australia (WA) - it exports around one million tonnes of woodchips to Japan every year and manages thousands of hectares of sustainable blue gum plantations across the South West of WA.

Wapres is at the forefront of the industry in all phases of the wood fibre production chain - its seed orchard, nursery, managed plantations, harvesting operations, wood chipping facilities and port operations are managed by an experienced, professional team.

How Does Wapres Fit into the Picture?

The Bunnings Group originally established two operating companies WA Chip & Pulp Co Pty Ltd (WACAP) in 1969 and WACAP Tree farms Pty Ltd in 1990. WACAP produces highly sort after export woodchip from sustainable blue gum plantations managed by WACAP Tree farms.

In 2000 Marubeni Corporation of Japan acquired these companies and formed WA Plantation Resources (Wapres) which is the holding company for the woodchip and plantation business. Wapres is now currently 50%owned by Marubeni Corporation and 50% owned by Nippon Paper Industries Co Ltd Japan.

Seed to Sail - Wapres Leading Every Step of the Way

Wapres has interests in all phases of the wood fibre production chain, from seed orchards to export facilities, you could say we manage plantations from seed to sail.

Provides financial incentives for research and development to improve the quality of the product entering each phase of production

Improves operational efficiency by allowing greater control over the supply of seed, seedlings, timber and woodchips

Ensures secure markets for the sale of wood fibre products.

Our Community Involvement Policy

Wapres strives to be a good corporate citizen and a valued community member by fostering mutually beneficial and pro-active relationships. Wapres attempts to resolve community concerns at an early stage. This process builds on the good rapport we have developed between Wapres, its workforce and the community through active involvement in community activities.

Wapres employs people locally from the Southwest region, helps in the reduction of fire risk, contributes to building and upgrading roads and supports communities.

Land Leasing

Besides the obvious economic benefit of receiving a regular, secure income from the leasing of their land farmers can gain additional benefits through the integration of the plantation onto the farm. Trees can be integrated onto farms to manage the water balance of a property, especially where the groundwater table needs to be lowered.

Plantations can also improve the stability of farming families and rural communities. Farmers are given the peace of mind that they have a regular income coming in and their time is not consumed by tending to the plantation - Wapres takes care of almost everything from establishment to management to harvesting.