Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge

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40 Gem Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

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Walgett Shire embraces the fertile black soil plains of northern New South Wales. It is a land of agricultural abundance and the home of opal - Australia's National Gemstone. It's also a 22,000 square kilometre playground for the modern day explorer.

Our towns and villages have a proud and fascinating pioneering history, and our people still have the inventiveness and good humour of the early pioneers.

Come and see us in Lightning Ridge, Walgett, or one of the great little villages of Walgett Shire!


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Tourism Services

In this section you can find information relating to Accommodation, Where to Eat, Events, General Travelling Information, How to get to Walgett Shire, Information Centres, and What to do.

Planning & Regulation

Here you can find information about lodging development applications, current exhibitions, the Local Environmental Plan, development control plans and more.

Engineering Services

Walgett Shire Council Engineering Department manages roads and paths (sealed and unsealed), aerodromes, water supply, wastewater disposal, stormwater/flooding control structures, solid waste collection and landfills, gravel pits, buildings, swimming pools, cemeteries, urban streetscape, parks and sporting fields, plant and vehicles, radio communication facilities and reserves.