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The Aboriginal community of Walgett lobbied for an AMS in the late 70's. Some of the issues they argued for an AMS was that women were giving birth on hospital verandahs, people being turned away because they were Aboriginal.

Generally feeling uncomfortable about being treated in a very non-Aboriginal middle-class establishment when they themselves were only recognised as citizens of this nation in 1967.

WAMS Health Services

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  • Eye Health
  • Goonimoo (Kids Health Education)
  • Program Team Staff
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Healthy 4 Life Staff
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The Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Co-operative Limited, assisted by the SES, travelled by boat and helicopter to deliver medical checks and mosquito repellant to the outlying villages isolated during the floods which surrounded Walgett in February 2012.

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Please select from the following departments:

  • Medical Clinic Team
  • Medical Program Team
  • Healthy 4 Life Program
  • FCPHC Remote Outreach
  • Social & Emotional Well Being
  • Chronic Disease Team
  • Dental Clinic
  • Goonimoo Mobile Preschool
  • Brewarrina AHSL
  • Administration
  • Board Of Directors
  • Finance
  • Gardening & Maintenance
  • Security
  • Transport Officers
  • Cleaners
  • Murdi Paaki

Learn more about WAMS 25th

WAMS commenced in 1986 and delivers Primary Health Care programs to remote towns across Brewarrina, Walgett, New England and Castlereagh Shires. It became the first Aboriginal Health organisation in New South Wales to achieve dual accreditation in 1998 with Quality Improvement Council (organisation) and GPA Plus (Doctors surgeries).

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