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Timeless elegance, innovative design and outstanding quality: that is what the brand Villeroy & Boch has stood for since 1748.
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With the high quality tableware products from Villeroy & Boch, ordinary and even special occasions are made all the more festive. From baking and cooking to setting the table and serving – make every meal enjoyable with our premium tableware. It is important to have the perfect dishes and cutlery, the right wine glasses, and the most stylish home decor for your special occasions. Discover the wide range of tableware products by Villeroy & Boch and find everything you need for any event - from simple, everyday meals to formal dinners and extravagant holidays. Transform ordinary summer barbecues into unique affairs or create an exotic ambience at your dining table. With its elegant style and premium quality, Villeroy & Boch tableware will make you want to set an exceptional table and entertain every day of the week.

Can tiles, particularly rectified tiles, be laid seamlessly?
Within a ceramic covering, joints have to compensate for unavoidable material tolerances caused by the manufacturing process. Furthermore, these also dissipate tension from the substrate, particularly with heated floor structures. In addition to compensating for the above-mentioned tolerances, joints also have the advantage of preventing water and dirt from penetrating into the tile covering. A cement-based joint prevents the penetration of bacteria, mould, etc.
Is it technically possible to lay different sized tiles in a joint-coordinated tiling pattern?
Villeroy & Boch tile ranges are normally modular, i.e. tiles of different formats can be laid together in a modular format, if the nominal dimension is taken into account. Tiles of the same calibre can be laid with a uniform joint width. Wall and floor tiles of different calibres can be laid in line with different joint widths if the nominal dimension is taken into account.
Which sanitary colours match which tile colours?
Ask your retailer for the list of recommendations from our company. Our sample panels are provided with labels indicating appropriate colour matches. Corresponding information is also to be found in our product database on the internet. A symbol under the tile indicates the corresponding sanitary colour.
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