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Lifelong Care for Special Friends
Also known as
  • The Vet Practice Pty Ltd
Business Summary
Full Service Animal Hospital Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practice Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm Sun and Pub Holidays: Closed
About Us
We are a full service and privately owned practice that's been around for over 20 years. Our clinics are located in Whittlesea and South Morang.

Unlike many suburban practices, we're available for routine consultations 7 days a week and have a vet on call 24/7 for emergencies.

We treat farm animals and horses as well as the family pets so all species are welcome.

The practice owners are Dr Malcolm Ware and Dr Lisa Weldon who between them have over 40 years of experience in both medicine and surgery. Supported by six other vets and a competent nursing team, there's not a lot we can't so.


All consultations by appointment please.

This is currently the main hub of the practice. All major surgery is performed here along with intensive care and diagnostic activities such as X-Rays, Ultrasound or endoscopies.

Our in house laboratory is also located here.

What We Do

South Morang is a consulting clinic only. Any patients requiring surgery, X-Rays or Ultrasound or which are ill and require hospitalisation are transported to Whittlesea in our animal ambulance.

Our animal ambulance is specially fitted out with individual cages to allow your pet to travel in comfort and safety.

Modern Technology

Despite our humble appearance, our practice houses the finest of equipment and diagnostic facilities.

Working with good equipment is absolutely critical to doing our job. Without it we wouldn't be able to diagnose and treat the variety of different illnesses and injuries we see every day.

And in situations where we need answers quickly, having powerful diagnostic tools at our fingertips can help save lives.

Do you charge extra for consultations on weekends and Public Holidays?
Normal fees apply to routine consultations on weekends and Public Holidays during our listed hours. Any consultations outside of these hours will attract a higher charge. After hours fees also apply to any treatments for hospitalised patients or surgical procedures performed outside of normal clinic hours.
Do you do farm visits on weekends?
We can organise routine farm visits on Saturdays between 1.00pm and 5.00pm. After hours fees apply to visits conducted on a Sunday or Public Holiday and after 5.00pm on Saturdays. Because we like to keep some time available for urgent calls on weekends, we prefer to book in routine work during the week when more staff are on board.
Do I have to make an appointment to see a vet?
Yes. We prefer that all consultations are by appointment. This is so that we can plan our day and avoid keeping you waiting.
What if my pet become ill and you are closed?
We're never truly closed. We have a 24 hour emergency veterinary service for this very purpose. All you need to do is call us and the vet on call will arrange a time to meet you at the clinic.
Can I ask to see a specific vet when I book my appointment?
Yes, of course. Your relationship with your vet is an important one and we respect your need to deal with someone you know and trust. Our vets work very closely together so if your preferred vet is not available on a day or time that suits you, you can rest assured that another vet can take over your pet's case and pass on all information when he or she returns. Our detailed medical records allow us to easily transition between vets and review cases as a team.
If my pet needs surgery or needs to be hospitalised, can I visit?
Yes, of course. In fact we encourage you to visit your pet on a daily basis. We know it makes our patients feel better and you also get to see that your pet is being looked after as well as we say we are. We do ask however you give us a call and let us know when you're coming so we can have someone available to speak with you about your pet's progress.