United Voice - Victoria - Haymarket

Victorian Branch - Union Active!!
Also known as
  • LHMU
  • Ambulance Employees Australia - Victoria


Level 9 187 Thomas Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

(02) 9281 4480
Business Summary
Our jobs and our skills are essential to our community.
About Us

We are essential to our community

United Voice members are the backbone of life in our state. Victorians rely on us to help them get through their day – from before they wake up, until well after they go to sleep.

Like all Australians, we deserve enough for a good life. We need good wages to support our families. We need stable jobs, so we can plan our lives. We want to be able to own our own homes. And we want to be able to retire with confidence in the future.

What We Do

When you join United Voice you become part of one of Australia’s biggest and most powerful unions. We have 120,000 members working across a wide range of industries including ambulance, childcare, cleaning, hospitality, manufacturing and security.

Being a United Voice member gives you the power to have a say about your job, your industry and your life. It means you can work with other members to ensure you are valued and respected for your skills and hard work. And you can join in and help shape our campaigns to make sure your voice is heard.