Business Summary
Unique Doors & Windows design and manufacture Tasmanian Oak and Western Red Cedar doors and windows with distinct character.
About Us

First established

Unique Doors & Windows was first established in 1988 and operated out of a building in 31 Dowling Street, Launceston.

In 2012 the business moved to new and improved premises in the Legana industrial estate.


People who get involved.

The people you speak to are involved in manufacturing your requirements.

They know their industry and have your best interests in mind when they create your windows or doors.

Worldwide exports

Overseas delivery to Japan.

During 2000 we manufactured an order for doors that was to be delivered to Japan. This was delivered successfully.

If you would like further information on an overseas delivery, please ask.


Unique Doors are made to the highest standard of workmanship and only the best quality timber is used.

Natural colour variations, minor shrinking, swelling and warping are not considered defects. These are the characteristics of natural timber and are beyond our control.

Care must therefore be taken to ensure moisture content of doors remains between 12% and 15%. Central Heating and air conditioning systems can alter the moisture content; therefore, special care should be taken to prevent this.

All doors should only be coated with top quality coating and strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Special attention should be given to exposed end grains, namely the top and bottom of the door, and all cut-outs for locks and hinges, etc.

Doors must be correctly coated without delay and prior to hanging and in their natural or coated state. The doors should not be exposed to extremely moist or dry conditions.

The Guarantee will only cover the original purchase price of the door and will not include installation and associated costs.