Business Summary
We are very passionate about helping you with natural wellness.
About Us

Welcome to TLC Australia! We are Australia's leading Chiropractic group serving regional communities of Australia. Our Chiropractors are highly trained and skilled practitioners inspired to help you achieve better health outcomes and natural wellness and in doing so have a much better quality of life.

Raising the Quality of Life in Our Regional Communities.
We are Australia's leading Chiropractic group and we take pride in offering every person in our community the opportunity to achieve their health and wellness potential through natural family wellness care.

Services We Offer

Who are we? Well, we seek out the finest Chiropractors, wellness practitioners and chiropractic assistants who love the communities they live in and have a passion for helping people become more well. We operate in 13 different locations across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. Add to that the excitement and fun we bring to working as a team to promote natural health and wellness in regional communities and you start to get a sense of what we're all about.