About Us

At the heart of Tintern Grammar is our vision to ensure the long-term success of our school and the commitment to our successful Parallel Learning model that enables students to achieve a perfect balance between gender-specific learning and social integration.

Our Early Learning Centre sets the scene for this, with a blend of play-based and structured learning that provides a solid foundation for three and four year-old boys and girls to move into their own learning spaces in our Junior Schools, and experience programs tailored to their distinct learning needs.

This progression arms them with the confidence for undertaking the variety of learning experiences provided by our Boys’ and Girls’ Middle Schools, to discover and develop their signature strengths before the genders are brought together for the co-educational experience of our Senior College.

And most importantly, underpinning this educational vision is our core desire to develop students who are morally grounded and generous of spirit, and better prepared to succeed in their chosen careers.