About Us

We are a boutique Physio & Pilates clinic in Subiaco. Our expertise in manual therapy and specific movement retraining will assist your recovery from injury or pain.

Our hands on approach to treatment will help to restore mobility to your muscles, joints and nerves. We use a variety of manual therapy techniques - everybody will respond to different approaches - but this may include deep tissue massage, mobilisations, muscle energy techniques, dry needling. We combine these hands on approach with our Pilates training to address the root of the problem.

Healing through movement creates sustainably healthy bodies and minds. We offer both private Clinical Pilates (with a physiotherapist) and Private Yoga sessions to help you safely on this path. Equally as important to us is the warm and friendly service we offer and the peaceful space we provide, so that you can feel comfortable, heard and healed.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Studio soon and endeavouring to ease your pain!