Business Summary
It’s Not Just A Cafe — It’s A Destination
About Us

At The Mossy we want to create a warm, welcoming space that is visually appealing and filled with happy, attentive staff and content customers. We want our customers to walk in to The Mossy and feel like they’ve walked in to a friend’s home. 

 The Mossy Cafe is located at Mossy Point on the far South Coast, which is one of the most pristine and unspoilt spots along our beautiful coastline. Meters from our cafe you’ll find the crystal clear waters of the Tomago river and Tomakin beach. A short walk up to the headland will give you the most beautiful view of the Mossy Point coastline and surrounds. 

 We make many of our products in house, including all of our cakes and slices. We use the best quality locally produced and sourced ingredients. We know our suppliers and we know where our food comes from. We are extremely committed to quality, sustainability and the traceability of our produce. Our style of food is eclectic and brings the best of cuisines from different cultures together on one plate. Our food offers a wide variety of choice and caters to people with food intolerances and lifestyle preferences – dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.