Business Summary - The Lash Spa was created by master lash technician Melissa Bergen who was one of the first to start offering eyelash extensions back in 2011. Since then the business has grow with a reputation for incredibly high quality lash extensions - so high that we're the only salon to offer a guarantee on our work "If you've had better eyelash extensions before, then we'll refund every cent" - and the only reason we can offer such a strong guarantee is that our work stands up to even the highest standards. We've amassed more reviews than any other salon thanks to the incredibly relaxing experience our clients get along with their perfectly applied and style lash extensions. Plus, we now offer the best brows on the Gold Coast! The obvious addition to flawlessly styled lashes are brows that match - so you can get both services done in a single appointment in a perfectly relaxing spa-like environment. To book your appointment give us a call or use our contact form now.
About Us

Make Your Inner Beauty Pop

We are a Gold Coast eyelash extensions salon created to serve your lash extension needs with a relaxing experience.

Kick back with a glass of iced tea, soft lighting, and aromatherapy while our Master Lash Technician creates your custom lash look.

Brow Sculpting

At The Lash Spa we’re known as eyelash extension specialists, but after years of getting asked the same question “Do you do brow sculpting?”, we decided it was time to bring our brow game up to the same level.

So rather than going down the traditional ‘brow course’ route which is slow and often taught by beauty therapists who aren’t very good/aren’t doing brows every single day we decided to get in touch with a collection of the best brow specialists on the Gold Coast and hire them to allow us to quickly overtake the majority of GC brow places…

We wanted to be able to replicate exactly what they were doing – see the techniques they’d picked up after years in the industry working with thousands of Gold Coast women and develop a service that lives up to The Lash Spa’s reputation of extreme and consistent quality.

Starting from a point where we knew the exact techniques the best in the industry were using we quickly gained experience offering brows to our lash clients to complete the look of their entire eye, allowing them to leave with both brows and lashes looking amazing.

We think the results speak for themselves. Perfectly sculpted brows, every time, guaranteed.