Business Summary
Dedicated to Edible Gardening in Melbourne
About Us

At The Basin Backyard, we have created our own edible paradise in the outer eastern suburb of The Basin; we have over 50 different varieties of edible plants in our garden.

Our philosophy is to cut out the supermarkets as much as possible so we control what we eat rather than them.

What We Do

Honey Sales

The Basin Backyard has over 20 bee hives in and around The Basin so that we can bring you a great reliable quality product.

All our honey is cold filtered which leaves in all the beneficial goodness and most of all flavour.


At The Basin Backyard, we love to teach others how they can do the same on their own block of land no matter the size.

We run workshops for the following: Cheese, Salami, Fermented foods, Passata, pruning, grafting, edible gardening in Melbourne, bee keeping, chicken keeping and loads more.