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Teys Australia is the leading, innovative provider of red meat supply chain and meal solutions. With 6, state-of-the-art beef processing facilities, 3 feedlots, and value added facilities strategically located on the eastern seaboard of Australia, Teys Australia is in a perfect position to link Australian cattle producers to global consumers. The Teys family has been involved in the Australian beef industry since 1946 when four Teys Brothers formed a partnership, which was involved in wholesaling and retailing meat in South East Queensland. From these humble beginnings, the family has grown its business to become the second largest meat processor and exporter in Australia. Teys family members remain closely involved with the day to day operations of the Company and strong family values underpin a reputation that is second to none.
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Success in the competitive world beef market demands a commitment to a philosophy of quality supported by production efficiency and dedication to service. Since our inception in 1946, Teys has maintained a focus on innovation and consequently has paved the way for the Australian beef industry


Teys is an Australian, vertically integrated, export beef processing and value adding company that has grown from humble beginnings. The story of the lives of the founding four Teys brothers is one of overcoming adversity and working hard to ultimately achieve national and international success in their chosen business.


Quality Assurance

Our technical expertise in Quality Management enables us to review and assess industry developments and implement continuous improvement to protect product safety wholesomeness and integrity.


Quality Control

An objective of Teys has been to successfully implement a quality control system to improve and maintain product quality. Teys is committed to producing and maintaining product quality to comply with customer specification requirements by continuously monitoring processing procedures to ensure quality principles are maintained.

By utilising the latest technology methods in foreign contaminant detection, Teys can ensure their product integrity has not been jeopardised. Teys "The Mark of Quality" reflects our aim to strive for strong brand recognition and to be a market leader.



The company services the shoe and upholstery finished leather markets, and the brand name of Murgonlea is widely recognised for its very high standards in grading and processing methods.

Hides from all Teys meat plants are transported daily to this tannery, where they are green-fleshed and processed into wet blue or salted condition.

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