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Business Summary
Our staff are engineers, scientists and technical experts who are recognised internationally for testing, assessment and product certification.
About Us

Over the past 40 years we have become internationally-recognised for product testing, as well as assessing and certifying electrical products for use in explosive atmospheres.

We provide testing for mechanical equipment like conveyor belts, diesel engines and wire ropes used in coal mines. We also test fire extinguishers for their fire rating capacity.

Our chemical laboratory provides services to detect the exposure levels of chemicals or heavy metals in the air, or in a worker's blood or urine.

What We Do

We have recently provided technical assistance to investigate:

  • The cause of a fatality resulting from using an electric drill
  • The safety of gas detectors used in an underground mine explosion
  • The cause of a major explosion resulting from cutting open an empty 200 litre drum that was previously filled with solvent