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LIghtning Protection

Lightning strikes the earth on average sixty times per minute. The tallest structures in cities across the world are struck by lightning regularly. All exposed communications towers and masts are vulnerable to a direct strike whilst historic and heritage buildings are extremely vunerable because of early construction methods.

Tercel is a leader in Lightning Protection

Surge Protection

The earth potential rise (EPR) from a direct lightning strike cannot be avoided. Neither can the induced surge caused by a nearby strike, storms and accidents bringing down power lines, electrical power grid disturbances or large electrical machinery switching on and off.

As the micro-processor based equipment in today's global village becomes less and less tolerant to surges on power, data and signal lines, our critical computer, control and communications systems become more vulnerable.

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Earthing Systems

The earthing system plays a vital role in a co-ordinated lightning and surge protection system. It is responsible for safely dissipating the lightning currents to ground, but just as importantly, it plays a fundamental role in the efficient operation of surge protection devices.

Tercel's experts can:

  • Conduct soil resistivity measurements for designing new systems
  • Design earthing systems for any application, including equipotential bonding
  • Advise on the best type of materials to use in the existing conditions
  • Supply all the materials needed for installation
  • Check the condition of existing earthing systems
  • Test for continuity across individual earthing systems

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Testing & Certification

Tercel has experienced engineers and technicians in all its offices across Australia and the Asia Pacific region with access to the latest test and measurement equipment. Our trained personnel provide a complete service that includes:

  • Continuity testing across conductors and the total system
  • Earth resistance testing on individual electrodes and the complete system

  • Soil resistivity testing and analysis for new earthing systems
  • Detailed reports on the condition of the system under test or inspection, with photos and recommendations plus costings on the works required
  • Updates to existing drawings or records or creation of these documents for future reference


Tercel International takes pride in all aspects of its work.

As a leading provider in Lightning Protection Systems it is our duty to maintain and inform our customers of ongoing projects and more interesting scopes of previous works.