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Looking for a Tennis Court?

Then you need the services of Trevor Buchanan!

Trevor and his experienced team design and make all types of tennis courts to suit your requirements, specialising in rubberised bitumen courts, because of their durability, the quality of the finished court, and their all-weather surface.

One of the advantages Trevor has over competitors is that he understands what is important in the game of tennis and can position the court to meet your needs.

Also, all of our men are licensed with the Building Service Authority, Queensland. See Trevor's license history here.


Bitumen Based Courts ($35,500 + GST)

Over the last 30 years Tennis Court Construction has developed a rubberised bitumen surface which is soft on the joints and plays the way the original clay courts played.

Synthetic Grass Courts ($39,900+ GST)

Synthetic Grass is a soft surface providing some advantages over harder surfaces like bitumen and concrete.

Concrete Courts ($35,500 + GST)

In addition to our bitumen-based and synthetic grass courts, we also construct concrete courts.

Tennis Court Lighting

Our lights are a necessity for night-time games.

Courtmaster is a contemporary range of floodlights, designed to provide high levels of illumination whilst controlling spill light to meet the most stringent conditions. Manufactured and designed in Australia to the highest standards, the floodlight bodies are fabricated from aluminium and finished in polyester powder coat.

Hinges, door fasteners and fixing bolts are stainless steel.

Courtmaster have a wide range of luminaires, reflector systems and lamp wattages to help you acheive a tennis court lighting system to both match your lighting requirements and budget. Trevor is happy to give you professional advice on all your lighting needs.

Special Offer

Providing your property has sufficient area to allow for heavy machinery and appropriate batters around the court area, Tennis Court Construction can build you a complete court with fence (powder coating additional), lights, practice board and net ready to play for $38,900 plus GST.

The area needed for your court depends on the amount of cut and fill required. This price includes wiring to the base of each pole, but does not include Council approval (Council approval is not required by Brisbane City Council providing you are 1.5m from the side boundary and 6m from the front boundary and have less than 1m cut and fill*) for lights which varies from area to area.

Maintenance & Refurbishment of Existing Courts