Business Summary
Dog Training, Hydro Bathing, Nail Clipping, Grooming, Agility and Dog Dancing.
About Us

Puppy Pre-School, Beg Classes & Advanced. We have private lessons and home visits to help with any problems. Fun times while learning. 

We also offer Advanced Classes, Agility, Fly-ball, Dog Dancing and more. We have Fun competitions!!

Classes and Private lesson available-

Puppy Pre School: Come and have lots of fun with your pup and learn how to train them in a gentle way. Having Socialisation in the puppy pen. Then off to do some training. They learn Heel, Sit, Wait, Stay, Come, Away, Dance etc. and of course Socialisation. 
Beginners Class: Who is walking who? Who is the boss of who? We will teach you all about things in regards to Pack Structure, all dogs work in packs! The class is held over 10 weeks which is no rush training and plenty of time for you to learn. Your dog will learn all types of training everything from sit, drop, stay to come to Dog dancing and much more.

Private lesson/Home Visits: We come to you home to work out any problem that you might be having. And put you and your dog on a Management program.