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  • SCLS
Business Summary
When buying a strata titled property there are many factors that a buyer may not be aware of whether they intend to live in it or not. Buyers need to ensure that they are well informed with the differences of living in a normal residential house and the rights and responsibilities they will have when they choose a 'Strata Lifestyle'. There are various structures and styles of schemes which can make the process a little more confusing as each structure has different requirements and additional rules and responsibilities that you should have knowledge of before committing to purchase. We offer more than just a "Body Corporate Search". We offer a personalised approach that is designed to provide a buyer with a quality product. Equipped with detailed knowledge of the demanding conveyancing process, our clients soon discover that we have the expertise and passion to deliver a quality service, helping to make our clients lives easier.
About Us

Sun City Legal Services is a specialist Body Corporate Search provider with an exceptional team who are focused on getting the best results for our clients.

We provide our clients service with confidence and that is our promise. We believe that knowledge is power to create exceptional service.

As we understand the conveyancing process and its demands, we know the little things that are required to make our clients lives easier.

On-going training means that we are continually improving this service and our staff are kept up to date on all Body Corporate matters.

The Team at Sun City Legal are easy to talk to and take pride in providing the kind of personal service that builds enduring business relationships.