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About Us
About Us

Summit International Products is Australian owned and operated and all our products are engineered and manufactured in Australia.

Summit International Products has been building refrigeration equipment for over thirty years.

Our products are in use throughout Australia and New Zealand in industries ranging from wineries to plastics moulders,

from kitchen food cooling tanks to air conditioning installations, and equipment such as electron microscopes and laser cutting machines.

Our range of chillers are all factory tested before shipping. They're manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring durability and reliability.

Parts are readily available throughout Australia, & again only top quality components are utilised.

Unit Features

Standard Fluid Chillers Features

  • Australian designed, manufactured and owned
  • Weatherproof powder coated cabinet
  • Adjustable water temperature via solid state controller with liquid crystal display
  • Copper prime surface evaporator coil
  • Open insulated non-metallic storage tank
  • Copper tube aluminium fin condenser coil
  • Chilled water 2°c to 15°c generally
  • Non-corrosive pipe work & fittings
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Optional Fluid Chiller Features

Available on request at extra charge

Water tank isolating valve

Centrifugal fans for ducted condenser discharge

High ambient operation above 35°c

Low ambient operation below 5°c

Hot dip galvanised frame

Passivated condenser coils

Supply water bypass valve

Water pressure gauges



Calculate the BTUs required for your process

Compare the above BTU result to the specification tables to determine the Chiller unit your operation requires. Or simply quote the result when you contact us by phone, fax or email.

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