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Am I Paying for a Garbage Service?
The garbage and recycling services are compulsory for dwellings within townships, and by application for other properties who have requested these services, where they are available outside the townships. The charges are shown on your rate notice as a separate levy to rates. These service charges are set each year by Council to cover the cost of collecting and disposing of garbage and recycling material within defined collection areas in the Shire.
What are the Payment Dates?
Rates are collected by instalments as follows:- 1st instalment due 30th September 2nd instalment due 30th November 3rd instalment due 28th February 4th instalment due 31st May Late or overdue payments will attract interest charges at the rate determined by the Attorney General. For further details please refer to the reverse side of your rate notice. If you are having difficulty paying your rates please contact the Revenue Department to discuss alternative payment options.
What do SV, CIV and NAV mean on my rate notice?
The three valuations that appear on your rate notice as SV $ Site Value, CIV $ Capital Improved Value and NAV $ Net Annual Value are explained as follows: Site Value $ the market value of the land only. Capital Improved Value $ the total market value of the land and all improvements. Net Annual Value $ either 5% of the CIV or the current value of net annual rental.
Will a private bushfire shelter be the safest option in a fire?
A private bushfire shelter is an option of last resort where individuals can take refuge during a bushfire while the fire front passes. This may be a pre-fabricated commercial product or a structure built on site. You should continue to heed the new warning system and leave early. You should also continue the preparation of your property before each fire season utilising the information in the CFA's Prepare-Act-Survive publication available on the CFA website.
Can I use a private bushfire shelter as a wine cellar?
Both new and cold wine cellars do not meet the building regulatory requirements of private bushfire shelter construction. Be aware that come manufacturers may continue to advertise and sell unaccredited private bushfire shelters and may either misrepresent their products, or promote a shufire bunker as a safe storage room or as a wine cellar. If a consumer feels a supplier has misrepresented a bushfire bunker product they can call Consumer Affairs Victoria for advice on 1300 558 181
Is it compulsary to build a private bushfire shelter?
There is no legal requirement to build a private bushfire shelter. It is a matter of personal choice as to whether people want to construct a private bushfire shelter as part of their bushfire survival plan.
What is a Municipal Evaluation?
Council employs an independent qualified Valuer to undertake property valuations. The Valuer returns to Council a valuation that has been approved by the Valuer General. When this valuation is formally adopted by Council it is used as the basis for calculating rates. Council uses the Capital Improved Value multiplied by the rate in the dollar (as set by Council each year), to calculate the amount of rates to be paid.
What Happened to the Rural Land Rebate?
The Rural Land Management program has been discontinued and replaced with a Farm Differential Rate. The farm rate will be available to all properties zoned farming of 40 hectares or greater and to properties of less than 40 hectares and greater than 2 hectares which can satisfy criteria establishing the property as a bona fide farm. Properties zoned farming not meeting the requirements for the Farm Differential rate will be rated at the Residential rate.