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Stocklick Trading is a leading Australian manufacturer of custom wet and dry season supplementation.
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What does total protein mean in the lick analysis?
Total protein is the combination of both crude protein and equivalent crude protein, (Crude Protein + Equiv Crude Protein = Total Protein). Crude protein is made up of true protein usually from the inclusion of protein meals, grains, etc. Equivalent crude protein is derived from non-protein nitrogen sources such as urea and gran-am. (Non-protein nitrogen = nitrogen not derived from protein, hence they are nitrogen sources).
After rain, do I need to remove the water laying on top of molasses mixes in troughs?
If the molasses has been mixed properly and the urea is completely dissolved there is no chance of the urea dissolving in the water. The safest thing to do is leave the water sitting on top of the molasses. The water will either slowly evaporate or the cattle can safely drink the water off the top to reach the molasses. The remaining molasses is safe for the cattle to consume as water is lighter than molasses and therefore will only sit on top of the molasses and not mix through.
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