About Us

Tasmania stages many events funded by a variety of sources across state government, local government, industry bodies, community groups and the private sector.

At Events Tasmania we want to help build and sustain a strong events sector, promote investment and support for the sector, and maximise the value and return on investment of events funded by the state government through our major event partnerships and grant programs.

Events supported by Events Tasmania return around $100 million of new expenditure into the Tasmanian economy, as well as creating jobs and engendering pride in our state.

Events also get people moving around the state, create job opportunities, and benefit communities through social inclusion as well as economic stimulus. They generate stories and amazing photos that are rapidly shared with friends, family and via social media to the world. Every time this happens Tasmania shines more brightly as a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

But we don't rely on public advocacy alone to keep Tasmania top of mind. We work in close partnership with Tourism Tasmania and the state's Regional Tourism Organisations to ensure that Tasmania's major events are promoted and leveraged to the best advantage for the state. This includes major campaigns with airlines, visiting journalists and influencers, and broadcast through numerous online distribution channels such as newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.

We see many great opportunities to generate value from events and what they can deliver in terms of economic growth and job opportunities as well as their important role in fostering beneficial social and community outcomes. Findings from our current research program indicate that Tasmanians are proud supporters of events in the state, with 91% saying they believe it's important or very important for the state to host major events.

In relation to reasons event would not be eligible for a grant – our funding programs don’t support conferences, conventions, symposiums, theatrical productions, concert series, trade fairs, fundraising events, expos and events that are primarily a showcase for stall-holders to demonstrate, promote or sell services or products. If an event already receives Events Tasmania funding through a Major Event Partnership they are not eligible for funding from the Grants Program for the same event.

Housed within the Department of State Growth, at Events Tasmania we not only provide financial assistance to maintain a balanced portfolio of events within the state and work to leverage those events, but our team provides advice and access to resources to assist in the creation, staging, promotion and operation of events in Tasmania.

Our job in a nutshell, is to ensure that through our events we:

  • Attract people here
  • Move people around
  • Get people talking