Business Summary
For over 10 years our team of specialised industrial electricians have been providing fantastic service at a competitive rate. We are reliable, dedicated and can offer a wide range of electrical services for your business requirements. Stag Electrical is also a cost effective alternative to sourcing industry specialists from the city which commonly incur expensive travel costs and higher hourly rates. We specialise in rewinding motors, PLC programming and switch board building. Interested on how we can help your business?
About Us

Industrial Electrical specialists in Young

Established in 2007, the team of eleven at Stag Electrical have 10 years of experience providing expert industrial electrical work. We currently cater for a large range of industrial enterprises in and around Young. Young has a long history of industry and the team at Stag Electrical are happy to keep their cogs turning and always looking to expand! From big jobs to small, Stag can handle it all. Whether it’s a new installation, breakdown or requirement for specialist knowledge, Stag Electrical has the industrial experience to keep your business operating and making you money. When you need industrial electricians make Stag Electrical your first call!

What We Do

Repairs for every market

Do you run an industrial company like a mine or factory? You would know how important your equipment is; it’s the lifeblood of your industry. When things go wrong with your gear it can effectively end production and ruin your bottom line. That’s why it makes sense to invest in high quality industrial electricians to ensure that your machines are running smoothly, efficiently and safely. At Stag Electrical we understand this and offer 24 Hour Break Down Support for all your electrical machinery including motors, welders and generators. When your machinery skips a beat give us a call!