Mt Barker Administration

Business Summary
To provide high quality ambulance and first aid services for the welfare of the Western Australian community with the best use of limited resources available.
About Us

St John Ambulance WA is a charitable, non-profit, humanitarian organisation teaching first aid to the community, delivering the State's ambulance service while also shaping and leading the sector nationally.

The vision and purpose of St John Ambulance is 'for the service of humanity'. This is fulfilled by our high-quality, cost effective ambulance service and by maximising the number of people in WA that know first aid.

Our People
It's our amazing, dedicated and committed group of people that make us so successful at what we do. St John Ambulance employs more than 1300 paid staff including paramedics, communications officers, patient transport officers, administration staff and first aid trainers.

Our activities are also delivered with the support of more than 4300 volunteers who donate more than three million hours to the community every year under the St John banner. From running the ambulance service to teaching first aid in hundreds of locations around regional WA - each and every one of our staff and volunteers gives and invaluable service to the community.