Sports Podiatry Tasmania

Keeping you on your feet
12 Gregory Street, Sandy Bay TAS 7005
The principal aim of Sports Podiatry Tasmania is simple - to get you back on your feet, pain free, as soon as possible.
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At Sports Podiatry Tasmania we understand how important being active is and how pain and injury prevent you from being mobile and active. 

We provide prevention and treatment options to return you as quickly as possible to your activity.

We offer a complete foot treatment, whether you have a sports related injury or a general podiatry problem. 


  • Biomechanical analysis and treatment
  • Footwear assessment and advice
  • Orthotic therapy and review 
  • Lower limb neurological (nerve) and vascular (blood flow) screenings (assessment)
  • Skin and nail treatment
  • Including nail resection for in-grown toe nails
  • Foot mobilisation
  • Lower limb dry needling