Business Summary
Our focus has always been on helping people just like you to age healthily, maintain the independence you value, stay informed, and keep connected with family and friends.
About Us

Southern Cross Care was established as a not-for-profit organisation in 1968.

Since then, we've developed what we do to respond to the changing requirements of communities across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

But while the services we provide continue to evolve, our core values of care, communication, creativity and teamwork have stayed the same. They're the guiding principles that shape how we think and what we deliver, because we're passionate that our focus is on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Our comprehensive range of health & wellness and at-home services, our beautifully appointed retirement properties, and our high quality residential care will keep you connected to the life you love and provide you with the support you are looking for.

What We Do
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home Support
  • Retirement Living
  • Residential Care
  • Respite
How do ACATs assess the type of care I need?
Whether you live at home or are in hospital, ACATs can visit you to discuss exactly what it is you need. Team members simply ask you a series of questions that are designed to determine how much and what type of help you need.
What if I’m not happy with my assessment result?
You have the final decision to accept or reject an ACAT recommendation. If you are unhappy with the recommendations, it is always best to first talk with the person in charge of the ACAT; most concerns can have resolved this way.
Who provides the care?
We want to give the best care possible. To that end, all of our specialist staff are trained to give attentive, individualised care. They aim to make respite an enjoyable experience for the people they care for. And because you know the person you care for is in good hands, they make it a positive experience for you too.
How much does it cost?
We’re a not-for profit organisation, and all of our services are government-subsidised. However, in order for us to provide the best possible care, we do ask you for a contribution.
What happens if they become unwell while in care?
Our staff are all trained to respond to emergencies. In most cases we call an ambulance to ensure the person in our care receives the best medical treatment. If you have any preferences as to how you would like emergency situations handled, don’t hesitate to let us know.
Do I have to pay fees?
The government requires you to contribute towards your services by paying the service provider on a monthly basis. Southern Cross Care has a policy regarding fees and would not decline services if there is evidence of financial hardship.
Can I pay my family with the funds I receive?
The government does not generally support the payment of family or friends for services; strict guidelines apply to certain permissible circumstances.
Do I have to use Southern Cross Care workers or services?
Southern Cross Care provides a wide range of care and services but you are not obliged to use them, with the exception of administration, care coordination and advisory services.
How much do Health and Wellness Services cost?
All our services are subsidised by the Australian Government and vary according to which service or program is being used. We understand that not everyone can pay the full fee, so we have financial hardship policies and fee reductions can be negotiated if necessary. We can also arrange payment through existing private health cover.
How do I access Health and Wellness Services?
If you’re aged 65 or over (over 50 for people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds), you can access our Health and Wellness Services through self-referral, referral through a GP, Aged Care Assessment team (ACAT), Allied Health professional, hospital or any community health worker.