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About Us

South West Safety Services provides a comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Consulting service throughout Western Australia.

The services we provide are tailored to meet an organisation's specific needs and incorporate the latest risk management techniques.

What We Do

Our Principal Consulting Services Include:

• Establishing OS&H Management Systems.

• Development of Safety Management Plans.

• Provision of Relief Health and Safety Advisor Service.

• Advice on Achieving and Maintaining OS&H Legislative Compliance.

• Conducting High Level Risk Assessments.

• Identifying Hazards and Deficiencies in Work Practices.

• Development and Strategic Planning for OS&H Improvements.

• Development of Policies and Procedures Manuals.

• Implementation and Training in Behaviour Based Safety.

• Conducting OS&H Training Needs Analysis.

• Documenting Safe Work Practices.

• Training Employees, Supervisors and Managers in OS&H.

• Auditing OS&H Activities and Systems.

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