About Us
Our Mission

Goals and Aims of South Lake Child Care Centre

  • To provide an accessible and responsive service which encourages parental and community involvement and which meets the needs of the families we serve.
  • To promote and implement the principles of quality care within a safe and stimulating environment.

  • To liaise with the community and Government departments keeping up to date with changing policies and community needs.
  • To create a supportive and flexible environment with open communication between the Coordinator, Staff, Management Committee and Parents.
  • To provide a flexible programme which recognises the individual needs of each child and respects their cultural diversity.

About Us

South Lake Child Care Centre has worked hard to build up a strong reputation in our community. You will see that our beautiful building is well cared for and that we are well equipped with indoor and outdoor play activities. We have always had a dedicated staff and a supportive committee. Our staff programme for the individual needs of your children.

We love them all and are working in this capacity because we enjoy our jobs and want to make a contribution to the development, and education of our young Australian children. We need parental involvement with our committee of management and also value parents who are able to help us with fund raising and busy bees.

Kids' Rooms

Our centre has 5 children's rooms.

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