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Car, Bike, Marine Loans & Insurance
About Us

At South East Auto Loans we're not happy unless you are! Our service is what sets us apart from other finance brokers - we bend over backwards to get you the best finance package available. We have a large range of lenders from major banks and finance companies to credit unions and non conforming lenders.

Whether you're looking for a low interest rate, have defaults, are a discharged bankrupt or have slow credit we can find the right loan for you! We strive to get you the lowest rate and quickest answer. We specialize in personal car loans, business car loans, bike loans, boat loans, personal loans and insurance products to suit.

About Us

Although only established in 2009, South East Auto Loans has a combined 17 years experience in the Automotive and Financing industries. We understand every aspect of buying a car, from looking for the perfect one, to financing the purchase, to picking it up.

Our aim is to provide exceptional service and fast approvals but always ensuring we have a finance package tailored to suit the customer's needs. It is this customer focused attitude that sets us apart from the rest.

Personal Car Loans

At South East Auto Loans YOU COME FIRST. We specialise in LOW RATE personal car loans for people looking for a better deal or those with previous credit problems. We have a large number of lenders ranging from major banks and finance companies to credit unions and non conforming lenders.

In today's market, that one extra enquiry can mean the difference between being approved and declined. Don't take the risk in trying yourself, we know what lenders are looking for so let us do what we do best - get you APPROVED.

Types of Loans
  • Cars purchased from a dealer, privately or from auctions.
  • Imported or older vehicles.
  • Car loans for people with bad credit including paid and unpaid defaults and discharged or ex bankrupts.
  • Trading in and paying out your current loan and financing the new car.
  • Financing a car with a balloon or residual payment at the end to lower repayments.

  • Pre-Approvals so that you have the bargaining power when looking for vehicles.
  • Car loans for any employment type, full time, part time, casual even for people on some types of Centrelink benefits only.
  • No deposit loans available in most instances.