Smooth Stone Concrete Polishing

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Laser Controlled Concrete Grinding
About Us
About Us

Welcome to Smooth Stone Concrete Polishing and the exciting possibilities of HTC Superfloor; concrete polishing in its truest meaning.

Smoothstone began as floor preparation arm of our tiling company, providing specialised floor preparation for our own tilers, existing clients and other flooring contractors.

The discovery of Superfloor as long term cost effective flooring solution for commercial and residential customers has our company constantly growing to meet your flooring needs.

Services We Offer

Our company has the best equipment and knowledge to turn the hidden stone beneath your feet into a beautiful, hard wearing, easily maintained, glossy but not slippery floor.

We specialise in:

Superfloor - HTC Superfloor™

Superfloor - HTC Superfloor™ is a refined concrete floor, grinded and polished with HTC's effective machines and diamond tools. Not only is the floor aesthetical appealing, it also contributes to a better working environment. HTC Superfloor™ is advantageous in an economical point of view thanks to the durability and the low life cycle cost.

It is the ideal floor for a wide range of industries, public buildings and residential living. Your concrete can be polished to have the beauty and hard wearing of natural stone like your granite bench tops. The finished floor is ready for immediate use without the need for 'plastic surface sealers' to cure or risk damaging.

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