Business Summary
Smartline was established in 1999 with the simple goal of building Australia’s best mortgage broking business and putting people, rather than banks, in control of their loan options.
About Us

Our vision

We never set out to create Australia’s biggest or most well-known mortgage-broking business. Our goal was to give people the right loan advice and help them get ahead - be it buying a home, paying off their loan sooner or growing their property portfolio.

So, we created a franchise business with smarter software and recruited some of the most experienced and knowledgeable advisers from the banking world. Instead of advertising to the masses, we focused our energy and resources on providing remarkable service to every single one of our clients.


How much money can I earn?
One of the most exciting things about the Smartline franchise model is that you can grow your business from a modest base to earning a high income without high overheads. Over time you can also build a substantial business asset of passive income. Note: We will provide you more detailed financial information as you look further into Smartline.
Do I need to be a full-time mortgage broker?
Yes. Our model is that every franchisee needs to be fully committed to their franchise business - and their customers, just as we are fully committed to their business.
Can I work from home?
Yes. Many of our mortgage brokers have successfully started from a home office. As your business grows you might consider moving into a serviced office or retail premises and taking on staff to cater for the growing needs of your business.
Am I restricted by a territory?
Smartline Advisers aren’t locked in to geographic territories as mortgage broking is a personal relationship business. Our Advisers get their business mainly through client referrals and repeat business as well as their network of personal contacts which don’t necessarily fit into a geographical territory.