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Our mission is to give people easier access to world class legal services.
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Slater and Gordon was founded in Australia in 1935. The company has grown from quite humble beginnings servicing the needs of unions and working people. We have built a powerful reputation throughout our history as a law firm that fights to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, while reducing the stress they go through to obtain their compensation. From the many landmark legal cases we have won to the introduction of innovations such as No Win - No Fee*, we have been determined to ensure that more Australians are able to access affordable legal services, no matter where they are.

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What We Do

Slater and Gordon provides specialist legal services to individuals in a range of practice areas including all areas of liability and compensation law, as well as other general legal services in areas such as family and relationship law, conveyancing, wills and estate planning. Our Business and Specialised Litigation Services includes commercial, estate and professional negligence litigation and class actions. To find out more about our services, click on the links below:

Is the implementation of orders included in any stage?
No. It is not possible to know what implementation might be required until Orders are actually made by the Court. We will provide a fixed quote for implementation of Orders after they have been made and, if you agree, we will then proceed to do the specified implementation
Why barristers are sometimes engaged in Family Law matters?
Barristers specialise in court appearances and in providing expert opinions about complex legal issues. We may engage a barrister for these purposes when we consider it to be in your best interests and that the benefits justify the cost.
Do I have to pay for telephone calls, e-mails and faxes as well as reading letters or court documents?
No. With Fixed Fees you are charged a single amount for each stage of your matter which covers all of the work we will undertake on your behalf. Of course, barristers and experts are additional to the fixed fees, but you won’t receive a bill for photocopying or sending letters to the other lawyers under fixed fees.
Will the lawyer provide estimates of costs for future work that might be required?
We will give estimates of future work that might be required if this is practicable and sensible. It is difficult to know how a matter will proceed at the start and most Family Law matters settle quite early – especially if the parties and their lawyers are taking a constructive approach – and the future stages may never be reached. Therefore, estimates are unnecessary and, in some cases, quite misleading.
How far into the future will you provide fixed fees?
It is often not possible to quote for all stages of a Family Law matter; it is also often quite unnecessary. Most Family Law matters get resolved quite quickly and, in these circumstances, it would be a waste of everyone’s time and effort to prepare quotes for Stages that will never be reached. Before we start work on any stage – and when we are aware of what is involved - you will be provided with a quote.
What happens if my matter resolves before the work has been done?
If your matter settles before the work is completed for the Stage that has been quoted you will not have to pay the full fees for that Stage. We will advise you what work has been done and you will receive a refund for that part of work that has not been done. Sometimes the matter will settle by the making of Orders in Court and we will quote you for the preparation and finalisation of Orders.
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