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Dr. Ian Skinner, Orthopaedic surgeon and specialist in Hip and Knee surgery has started Hip and knee centre, a purpose built speciality centre based in Murdoch and servicing all or of Kalgoorlie and Western Australia.

To maintain this level of excellence we encourage patient education at each visit and Dr. Ian Skinner partakes continuing education courses each year.


Dr. Skinner's services include management of wide range of orthopaedic care, including

  • Surgical Opinions and Evaluations 
  • Trauma Care
  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Knee Arthroscopy 
  • Hip Arthroplasty
  • Knee Arthroplasty
  • Cartilage Grafting
  • Ligament Reconstruction Sporting Injury Hip
  • Sporting Injury Knee 
  • Medico Legal

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