Skin Cancer Clinic Central Coast

Also known as
  • Central Coast Skin Cancer Clinic
Business Summary
Consultations, Surgery, Biopsy & Excision, Curettage, Cryotherapy and Wound Care
About Us

Research tells us that around two thirds of Australians will get skin cancer in their lifetime. The highest incidence of skin cancer in the world due to us having a predominantly pale-skinned population and living in a sunny climate. The Central Coast is a beautiful place to live but we must remember that our beach going lifestyle also requires some sun sense.

Regular burning and sunbaking causes progressive wrinkling (aging) and abnormal growth of cells which may become cancerous. The long term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays damages the genetic material in our skin and is both cumulative and irreversible.

Services We Offer

A consultation is generally around 15 minutes long and you can raise any skin concerns you have with your doctor.

Alternatively you can just do an full body check and hopefully walk away free of any worries.

If you do need further treatment, there are a range of services we offer (listed below) and your doctor can advise you of these during your consultations.

Some quick treatments (such as cryotherapy) can be done during the consultation, however more significant procedures will require another appointment possibly in the theatre.


The clinic houses a state of the art operating theatre with a professional team of doctors and nurses who are able to perform most form of skin cancer surgery.

This means your experience will generally take less than an hour and be with people you know and trust with no need to visit a hospital.

Our surgical procedures are also bulk billed (no everywhere bulk bills excisions and that can be very pricey!).

Why Choose Us?

The clinic is owned by Partners, Dr Rowan Godwin, Dr Mark Burton and Dr Andrew Pritchard-Davies. All three work at the clinic with a team of Doctors who specialise in skin cancer diagnosis and surgery.

Behind the scenes, Practice Manager Julie Turner steers the administrational wheel of the clinic, ensuring reception, nurse staff and all things business run smoothly.

Payment Methods
Direct Debit