Skill for Art

Hanging pictures is where we begin
Business Summary
With more than two decades of experience in the field of hanging paintings, photographs and wall hangings in private residences, galleries, museums and government institutions. Lenny (founder of Skill for Art) is happy to help you place your pictures and art in the most aesthetic and practical position possible. He is talented in creating solutions for secure and elegant picture, art and mirror hanging. Skill for Art also have great solutions for the artist who needs structural methods to obtain smooth installation, easy travel and structural integrity. Construction for the arts. Skill for art is also very experienced in the construction of plinths, travel crates, mobile walls, trolleys and storage devices. Whatever you might want to achieve in the practice of display, Skill for art can help.
About Us

Skill for Art is a company specialising in hanging and displaying Art for private homes, corporate businesses, Museums and Galleries. We design and construct many other art and display related items. Lenny Bastiaans is the founder of Skill for Art. He built sets for Theatres, trade shows, commercials and movies for more than ten years. In 1999, Lenny found his calling when he joined the Historic Houses Trust of NSW (now called Sydney living). He was based at the Museum of Sydney where he ran the workshop and constructed or modified many eclectic and diverse items. He was hanging art at the museum and other properties like the Hyde Park Barracks, Elizabeth Bay House, Justice of Police Museum, Vaucluse House and the Mint. From there he moved on to hanging art for the corporate and private sectors. He moved north and continued with hanging art and displays privately as wells as contracting for the Ipswich Art Gallery, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Northern Rivers Community Gallery and the Tweed Regional Art Gallery and Margaret Olley Centre.