Business Summary
Singleton Sound Solutions is a family business. It has been in Singleton for more than ten years. There have been many changes in different stages, but it has remained focused on what can be accomplished. Currently we are a mobile service. If we can help you, phone us, have a chat and see if we can offer a solution that fits your needs.
About Us

In 2003 a front opened on a new era in Singleton. Over the passing years the business has made many changes in different stages but we have always remained focused on what we could accomplish if we offered something different but delivered it the right way.

I have been fortunate enough to have been there since the door opened and now more than ever we focus our energy on the right delivery for all Audio/Visual needs. With the success of this comes the ability to say thank you to our community and support local groups and charities.

We will always continue with this in mind and everything that we live and breathe always reflects this.

So if we can help you, drop in and have chat (that’s what we like the most!) and see if we can’t offer a solution that fits your needs.