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Sigma Is a Leading Australian Full Line Pharmacy Wholesale and Distribution Business.
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With a background in dispensary excellence and a heritage that spans over 100 years, we have invested significantly in building tailored offers to help maximise your retail opportunity.

Who do I contact to change my shareholder details?
Link Market Services manages all shareholder details on behalf of Sigma. You can manage and update your own share registry details online by visiting the Link Market Services Investor Centre ( follow the link from our web site, or contact Link directly.
What is the ASX code used by Sigma?
Sigma is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticket SIP, having previously traded under SIG up until 2006. Sigma has operated since 1912, and first listed on the ASX in 1999. More details about Sigma’s long and proud history can be found on our web site under the History or Our Story pages.
Why does Sigma buy-back its own shares, and will the buyback program continue?
Sigma commenced a share buyback program in October 2012, and has bought back and cancelled almost 10% of our shares on issue. The buy-back reduces the number of shares on issue, meaning as profits grow it is shared across fewer shares. The Board considers this on a regular basis as part of our capital management program.
Does Sigma have capacity to take on debt to grow the business?
Sigma has a very strong balance sheet with little or no debt. This is after we have reinvested in the business, paid 33 cents in dividends to shareholders since 2010, and conducted a share buyback since October 2012 that has reduced the number of shares on issue by almost 10%. We continually assess opportunities to utilise our strong balance sheet to grow our business.
Why doesn’t Sigma just own the pharmacies rather than operate like a franchisor?
Current regulation in Australia requires that a pharmacy is owned by a pharmacist. This precludes Sigma from owning pharmacies. The scale delivered by being a brand owner provides us with capacity to invest in numerous programs and services to support the success of our branded pharmacy members, which in turn supports Sigma’s success.
What role does Sigma play in the retail pharmacy market?
Sigma has the largest footprint pharmacies in Australia with over 700 pharmacies operating under our brands Amcal, Guardian, Discount Drug Stores, PharmaSave and Chemist King. In addition, we provide significant support to a large contingent of independent pharmacies across Australia.