Shoalhaven Skin Cancer Care Centre

Also known as
  • Molemax

84 Osborne Street, Nowra NSW 2541

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Business Summary
Dr David Nelmes
About Us

Shoalhaven Skin Cancer Care Centre has been operating for many years, a family operated clinic you can trust.

Whether your interest is in cancer prevention or education or to assist you and your family along your journey with cancer, you will find information to help you here. If you want to make suggestions for information to include in this booklet, please contact us.

What We Do

Cancer Prevention:

Detecting early signs of illness and practising a healthy lifestyle may help reduce the risk of developing some cancers. There are a variety of services which provide information on cancer prevention as well as screening programs for early detection of cancer.

Treatment Services:

Treatment for cancer is available within the Shoalhaven. However, travel to Wollongong or Sydney may be required.

Support Groups:

Support groups offer people with cancer, their careers and families assistance during all stages of the cancer journey.

Carer Support:

Caring for a family member affected by cancer can be a challenging experience. There are a variety of services available in the Shoalhaven offering practical, financial, emotional and respite support.

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