Level 27 Santos Place, 32 Turbot Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Business Summary
Servcorp's workspace solutions are designed to deliver business success for our clients. This is at the heart of everything we do. When a business joins Servcorp, they are joining a global company which is designed to give businesses ease of entry and representation anywhere in the world. Servcorp's mission is to provide access to beautiful workspaces in the best buildings in the world. Amazing views, dedicated team, a community to work with, leading-edge IT solutions, and flexible leases ensure our clients have the best business presence possible to make their mark on the world, without the associated costs.
About Us

In 1976 the entrepreneurial Mr. Alf Moufarrige was about to embark on a new venture.

First, he required an office space, receptionist then secretarial support. Soon he realised these costs were eating into his profits and the team and space were not used 100%, so he looked to share these to reduce his overheads.

In 1978 from a corner office in the MLC Centre Sydney Australia Mr. Alf Moufarrige took a piece a chalk to divide up the space - and Servcorp was born! The idea took hold and evolved organically and in just 12 months, a full 2 floors within the MLC Centre were occupied along with 1 location in Melbourne.

Growth steadily continued, pioneering the Virtual Office concept in 1980 and expansion into other countries and Servcorp was publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (SRV) in 1999.

Today the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of Mr. Alf Moufarrige has spearheaded Servcorp into offering Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Coworking and IT Solutions in 160+ locations across 54 cities throughout 23 countries.

Simple ideas can lead on to big things. Where will your next big idea come from? We bet you will never look at a piece of chalk the same way again!