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Welcome to Select Health Products

Select Health Products is a wholly owned Australian company that has been producing and distributing quality health products for over 45 years.

Our company ethics, beliefs and ideals are based on achieving the better health of our nation through good nutrition and products which are grown to positively support the future of our planet.

At Select, we pride ourselves on our extensive health products industry experience, the superior quality of our products and our high level of service to the industry.

Our Philosophy

This philosophy is expressed in our mission:

  • Being the leading supplier of quality health products.
  • Providing a reliable and invaluable service to our customers.
  • Being innovative and promote the awareness of products that support the future of our planet.


Select Health have compiled a collection of recipes related to our products.

These are organised by product type, or can be searched for using the search tools on the following link:

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Our Products

To view our products, and find out where you can buy them, please click the following link:

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